Guidance Document

Our mission is to provide guidance that enables us to continuously improve the standardized orientation for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.

SafeGulf Advisory Membership

Membership of the SafeGulf Advisory Group (SGAG) will be made up of industry representatives as described here.

Each industry organization listed here will have the responsibility to select a representative to participate on the SGAG.

SafeGulf Advisory Structure:

  • 6 Operators
  • 3 Accrediting Bodies
  • 3 Contractors
  • 3 Industry Organizers

Meetings of Members

  • Regular Meetings – The SGAG will meet at least one day per month, quarterly. As determined by the SGAG, meetings may be defined as open to general SafeGulf membership or closed to same members. At a minimum, there shall be at least four meetings per year that are open to general membership.
  • Place of Meetings – TBD
  • Notice of Meetings – Written notice of open SGAG meetings shall occur no less than twenty-five days before the date of the meeting to all SGAG members and any SafeGulf members.
  • Quorum – At any meeting of the SGAG members, there shall be a presence of at least 50% of the SGAG membership to conduct the meeting. Of that 50% attendance, there must be at least 50% industry organization/agency representation and 50% GOM operator representation.
  • Voting – Each SGAG member is entitled to one vote, in person or by proxy on SafeGulf matters. Voting shall be by voice unless any SGAG member requests a ballot vote before the voting begins. Operator members, if unanimous, may veto any voting decision of the SGAG.
  • Proxies – At SGAG meetings, a SGAG member may vote by proxy executed in writing. Such proxy will be filed by the Facilitator until the meeting where voting will occur.
  • Order of Business – The Order of Business at all meetings of SGAG will include:
    • Attendance
    • Agenda Review
    • Reports of Committees
    • Unfinished Business
    • New Business
    • Next Agenda
  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Facilitator – lead SGAG through agenda, take votes
    • Scribe – take and distribute minutes, announce meetings, prepare agendas
    • Timekeeper – ensure that SGAG stays on agenda timeline
    • ASC Liaison – act as liaison with ASC to ensure alignment and provide updates to SGAG in support of ASC member. This role can not be filled by the ASC member.
    • Operator Liaison – act as liaison with other operators endorsing SafeGulf that are not SGAG members
    • Contractor Liaison – act as liaison with the offshore contractor workforce
      Curriculum Committee Liaison – act as liaison with Curriculum Committee to ensure alignment and provide updates to SGAG
    • Review Committee Liaison – act as liaison with Review Committee to ensure alignment and provide updates to SGAG


Curriculum Committee – This committee will be comprised of volunteers from industry as approved by the SGAG and shall not exceed 15 members. This committee will evaluate the current SafeGulf courses and make recommendations to the SGAG on any updates, upgrades or refreshers to those courses. This committee will additionally identify the need for development of any new courses under the direction of the SGAG. Any proposals made by this committee must go to the SGAG for approval consideration.

Review Committee – This committee will be comprised of those ASC employees that serve in this role supporting the SafeGulf Accreditation Process. This committee will interact with the SGAG as described in the Accreditation Process.


This Guidance Document may be amended by a three-fourths vote of the SGAG. The vote may be satisfied through physical presence at a formal meeting of the SGAG, or by written proxy. At least ten days prior to the SGAG meeting, a written copy of the proposed amendments must be provided to all SGAG members.


All SafeGulf meetings must have a written agenda that is circulated and reviewed prior to the meeting. Attendees must strictly follow the agenda. Topics not on the agenda must be deferred until the next meeting. An attendee shall be assigned to record and distribute the minutes of each meeting. The minutes shall include a record of all who attended the meeting.

Under no circumstances shall SafeGulf meeting attendees discuss price, production decisions, marketing decisions, and the person with whom, and the terms on which, each company conducts business. These matters are to be decided unilaterally by each company without agreement or even communication with competitors.